Joseph Prigozhin has called for a boycott of “Eurovision”

Иосиф Пригожин призвал бойкотировать «Евровидение»

Well-known Russian producer Joseph Prigogine called his colleagues and fans to boycott the international musical competition “Eurovision” to the organizers and the host country suffered financial loss. Recall that in this year’s competition takes Ukraine – Crimean Tatar Jamala won last year with a song “1944”. Ballot Eurovision 2017, according to Prigogine, will be a worthy response to the Ukraine to deny entry to some Russian artists, including Joseph’s wife Valerie and himself.

Yesterday it became known that some Russian pop stars hit the so-called “black list” announced the press-Secretary of the security Service of Ukraine Elena Galanski. She also said that none of the list is not requested to cancel in respect to its restriction of movement in the neighboring country.
Joseph believes that the rejection of the visit to Ukraine of citizens of Russia should punish the organizers of the competition.
“It is not necessary to go to Eurovision. I am an independent producer, I have my own point of view. It may not coincide with the opinion of the heads of the channels” — said Prigogine, and added that the Russians enough and the “New wave”, which, according to Prigogine, much cooler.