Joseph Prigozhin finally reconciled with her daughter

Иосиф Пригожин окончательно помирился с дочерью Producer sure that settled the conflict with Danae. Joseph Prigozhin really talk to the heir after the filming of the program “really”. Now he hopes to build a good relationship with a girl.

Daughter Danae Joseph Prigogine has repeatedly complained about the indifference of his father and his harsh words. According to the girl, after the producer married to Valerie, he began to love the heirs of the singer more than their own. However, the man himself strongly disagrees. He stresses that always helped the native children from his first marriage.

Recently this appeared in the program “really”. She spoke in detail about the reasons for family conflicts. Prigogine expressed the desire to establish normal communication with her daughter. Moreover, Joseph asserts that he was able to forget about past grievances and now wants to see more of the heiress.

“I want to believe that we put a fat point in this story during the filming of the program “actually”, and for me to go anywhere is not necessary. After filming my daughter and I had a conversation, we all agreed. Public confrontation is still sometimes important, because people are watching you, they are rumors. But when you give them clear information, all questions disappear and all falls into place”, – said the producer.

On the show it was revealed that the mother of Danae Elena sold the apartment, which Prigogine bought for children. It is this act that the ex-wife angered the man so much that he ceased to communicate both with her and with her daughter and son.

The producer stressed that he wants to achieve from the heir to independence. Now this gets a higher education. The girl manages to find work, so I am confident in their financial independence.

Valeria is glad that her husband finally managed to resolve family conflicts. Discussing such an important topic, the actress said about another important news. Turns out her son Artemy found a prestigious job abroad.

“He works in a recording Studio in Switzerland. His work is perfectly aligned all three of his education – two technical and one musical. Before that, he lived eight months in Moscow, but could not find a job according to your profile, although I wanted to. And now works in the Studio where he and the Manager, and General Manager and is also responsible for the creative part and the advancement in the Internet, plus everything else he writes music. Artemy works from dawn to dusk, but most importantly, he likes it,” – boasted of the success of heir Valeria.

In an interview with “Sobesednik” singer admitted that she recorded in the Studio of Artemiy. Valeria is left in complete awe of this experience. The artist noted the high professionalism of the son.