Joseph Prigogine Valeria openly criticizes

Иосиф Пригожин открыто критикует Валерию The producer admitted that he and his wife learned to assess each other without hurting personal feelings. Joseph Prigogine and Valeria do not like flattery, so I try to speak only the truth. They believe that the only way to make a loved man even better.

Joseph Prigozhin, as you know, has always been able to Express their own opinion in the face. This applies not only to his colleagues in show business, but also the family. He said that trying to be fair to the family, particularly to his wife, singer Valeria.

The famous producer may openly Express their dissatisfaction with his beloved wife both for personal and work issues. By the way, a quarrel in star family does not happen. Valeria herself has repeatedly said that he does not tolerate hypocrisy, that’s why she appreciates her husband for his unique ability to articulate what he thinks.

“If I tell a person impartial truth, it doesn’t mean I don’t love, hate or ill-treat him. This means that I want to be useful to him, whether it be my friend, acquaintance or relative. This lack of indifference, the desire to help, this is my expression of love, respect, true friendship,” – said the producer.

Prigogine also admitted that he and his wife are constantly looking for ways to make each other happy. Wife all free time try to spend together. Recently Joseph and Valeria went on a vacation at sea. The singer was often shared with his followers family snapshots, and they, in turn, wrote admiring comments.

“You are the most beautiful couple on the stage, without pathos and Ponte. Very nice to look at you. Valeria, you are awesome. Best wishes to your Union.” “Adorable! A terrific couple”. “You are beautiful. And look at 30”, – admired subscribers.

In the holiday period, 49-year-old singer also took the opportunity to demonstrate the excellent physical shape. The subscribers have constantly repeated that she looked great. Everyone knows that Valeria is a big fan of yoga she is active in sports at home and in the fitness club.

Recall that Valeriya and Iosif Prigozhin were married in 2004 and for 13 years are one of the most beautiful and happy star couples. The producer was able to notice three children, the singer’s father, and the possessor of many millions of fans in a wonderful relationship with his ex-wife Prigogine, Leila Fattakhova, and their daughter Lisa.

“It is clear that in life there are things, when spouses and lovers are forced to be separated. With Valeria we were lucky — we can afford to be with each other as much as you want. This is happiness. God is love, love is God,” said the producer in an interview