Joseph Prigogine showed the new twins

Иосиф Пригожин показал новых двойняшек A few days ago Valeria posted on Instagram a photo with the two cute kids. Then Joseph Prigozhin admitted to fans that baby – the children of distant relatives. Today, however, the producer posted a similar shot already with other kids.

Last week Valeria has published in the microblog the Elevator, where she is imprinted with a stroller that holds two lovely baby. Fans speculated on who may have children. Some have even suggested that the actress became a grandmother and heirs gave her eldest daughter Anna. Just Anya finally baffled fans: a girl commented on a picture of Valerie. “Mom, I told you not to upload pictures of my beads! I had them don’t post! Delete, please,” – was categorical Shulgin.

Soon the husband of the singer Joseph Prigozhin has explained that the babies were not born in them, and relatives. “It’s not our children, not our grandchildren. They bore neither Anya nor Given, neither Dima nor Arseniy nor Artem. But these kids are not strangers to us, – said the producer. Are our distant relatives, their children were born. I went to visit them. It is the children of the children we raised.”

Joseph Prigogine explained the emergence in the family of two children

Today, however, Prigogine has once again decided to surprise fans. The producer has published a new frame in which posing with other kids.

“Went out with the kids for a walk,” commented the Prigogine.

Fans of Joseph appreciated the subtle humour of the showman. “So cool!”, “Cool photo!”, “Continuous positive!””Man’s bright and positive, this is evident” “Like a family!», «Similar!””This is following the twins?! Greetings!”- said Prigogine fans.

Joseph, by the way, regularly admits that he would be happy if he and Valeria were born heirs. The singer has three children from his first marriage with Alexander Shulgin – Anna, Artemy and Arseny. The producer also have blood children – Dmitri, Danae and Elizabeth.