Иосиф Пригожин показал, как нянчит подросших двойняшек
A producer can not get enough of the babies.

Joseph Prigogine

Photo: @Instagram prigozhin_iosif Joseph Prigogine

Recently microblogging Joseph Prigogine, from time to time filled up by pictures of adorable twins. Today the producer has posted another photo of kids. Previously, he has talked about the fact that they are not his children or grandchildren. According to Prigogine, their parents are distant relatives. However, fans continue to suspect that Joseph really is the father of the kids — they are a bit too similar to it.

Discussing the topic of fatherhood Prigogine, one of the fans said that supposedly knows: Joseph actually can not have children, as it has problems with potency. In her statement, she referred to the… wife of a producer. “Valeria told her? — laughed in response Prigogine. — I wonder how I had three children?”

Joseph once again stressed that he is the father of three children, not five, as suggested by the fans. From first marriage Elena from Prigogine is survived by two children: son Dmitry and daughter Danae. The producer lived with Leila Fattakhova, who bore him a daughter, Elizabeth. With the children he has difficult relations. Danae, for example, have only recently been able to make peace with the native father. And with three heirs of Valerie Prigogine easily made friends and, after 14 years of marriage, he considers them family.