Joseph Prigogine saddened by the lack of talent in Russia

Иосиф Пригожин опечален отсутствием талантов в России

Joseph Prigogine and his wife, part – time- ward, Valeria survive the crisis. Do not think that now we are talking about family matters. No. Prigogine laments the fact that Russia had no talent to work at the same high level as they are with Valeria.

In particular, we are talking about the lack of worthwhile music video that the Russian star did the clips on the level of Rihanna and Madonna.

“Now we have about six songs that we want to remove the clips, – Prigozhin told reporters. – Tell you a secret: about six months we’re looking for music video Directors. I’ll send you scripts, different Directors, and you will lose your mind. I have the feeling that they are each other’s scripts rewrite – almost the same thoughts and at the same time, banal cliches. When you watch that video, for example, Madonna or Rihanna, you know that their work truly original. I’d love to and our specialists have grown to that level.”

Also Joseph resents a large number of Amateurs in the music world in principle. Prigogine upset that now people began to work for the sake of the “people shaval” and not trying to surprise the audience with something high-quality and full of deep meaning: “Very few talented authors. The material they send today – just awful. Do you believe the new generation? They write not poems, “text” they write. The same situation with composers. For me a composer is a person who plays a musical instrument, not the one who scores a bit. Professional arranger must own tools and have good hearing. Now, in this industry there was a lot of random people”.