Joseph Prigogine resumed communicating with Danae

Иосиф Пригожин возобновил общение с Данаей The producer turned to Danae. On the eve of heiress Prigogine was 20 years old. Father touching congratulated the girl with the birthday. Despite the difficult relationship with the child, he was sincere in his words.

      Many people who follow the family life of Joseph Prigogine, know communication between a famous producer and his daughter Danae has not always evolved smoothly. Sometimes it was difficult for them to understand each other or forgive old grievances. But man, with all his heart loves his heiress, and congratulated the girl with the birthday.

      “How quickly time flies. Today my daughter Danae 20 years. With all my heart want her to be happy, successful, healthy and loved. That did not happen in life, we will love their children and many turn a blind eye,” – wrote in his microblog Joseph.

      However, some members of the producer considered this treatment to my daughter’s cold. “I will love, though… Is that congratulations? Just say that You can be proud of her. Don’t have anyone to compare, she’s better than everyone and everything. And the beauty anyone close next” “it was Possible to personally congratulate. Although, you may be congratulated, of course. But still not very gentle message…” – commented on the record of followers.

      However, most fans appreciated the inner strength Prigogine, who was able to forget mutual insults and to reconnect with the heiress.

      “Noble… Not every father would react so favorably after all… Good, Joseph! Respect you!”, “Joseph, congratulations on your daughter happy birthday. I wish, first of all, happiness and health! Of course, love and kindness! Joy in every moment! True friends! And let dreams will turn into reality! All the wonderful and beautiful!” “Your copy! charming girl and age is beautiful! We are happy you are talking again… have not heard of you together no news…” – posted by fans.

      Recall that this is not the first time when relatives find the strength and desire to reconcile. A year and a half ago, the daughter Prigogine’t talked to my dad in a few months, however, were later able to admit their mistake and called my dad.

      “We are native people, and enmity is not the case, shared this with “StarHit”. – I have a few days together. A couple of times dialed dad’s number and was off. When he picked up the phone, I apologized and said that was wrong. I shouldn’t have to intervene in the conflict of the parents. But at the time I was in the inflated state and did not realize that they themselves will understand.”