Joseph Prigogine explained the emergence in the family of two children

Иосиф Пригожин объяснил появление в семье двоих детей The producer of “decoded” mysterious photos that appeared on Instagram as he, and wife. Joseph Prigozhin admitted that the kids really like him. According to him, they with Valeria dream of becoming parents again.
Иосиф Пригожин объяснил появление в семье двоих детей

Last week Valeria has published in the microblog picture from the Elevator, she was down on the street with two children in wheelchairs. Fans speculated on who can be the kids. Some have even suggested that the actress became a grandmother and adorable kids gave her one of her heirs. Completely baffled fans of the daughter of singer Anne Shulgin. “Mom, I told you not to upload pictures of my beads! I had them don’t post! Delete, please,” the girl wrote.

Put an end to this issue Joseph Prigozhin. The producer explained that babies are born not from them, but they are not indifferent to their fate.

“It’s not our children, not our grandchildren. They bore neither Anya nor Given, neither Dima nor Arseniy nor Artem. But these kids are not strangers to us, – said the husband of Valeria. Are our distant relatives, their children were born. I went to visit them. It is the children of the children we raised.”

It is interesting that initially the children appeared to Joseph Prigogine. However, it has not caused a stir and such a heated discussion. Fans only noted the similarity between the famous producer and kids.

“The twins really like me. I was also born in the Caucasus. Children can say, from the Caucasus, but were born in Moscow. They are not strangers to us. What they like me – it’s true. The relatives all look alike,” Joseph told reporters.

Prigozhin admitted that he would be happy if he’s with Valeria kids were born. The singer has three children from his first marriage with Alexander Shulgin – Anna, Artemy and Arseny. He also has a blood heirs – Dmitry, Danae and Elizabeth.

“We would be happy!.. But the fact that it is not the nephews, not with friends, with anyone not to be photographed – once there are rumors. Children were photographed – just said it’s your, our. Children we do not divide on and another’s,” said Joseph, in conversation with the correspondent of the publication “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

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