Иосифу Пригожину стыдно за участие дочери в телестройке «Дом-2»

Joseph Prigogine despite all their efforts, still can not establish a normal family time with his daughter Danae. Despite the fact that she keeps Pope at a distance, this does not prevent him to worry about her future, her love Affairs and the like. On the eve it became clear that this ended the relationship with a guy named Tom, whom he had met a few years.

The girl who quite often in social networks have exposed their personal life on public display, and the breakup was announced in the microblog.

“Always everything comes to an end,” wrote Prigogine published under the photo and accompanied the publication with the hashtag “the end of the relationship with the guy.”

Subscribers girls supported her, noting that perhaps with her was just not the same person: Danae, life will open you a new door, you’ll see”, “So you’re just not your person! Don’t worry, whole life ahead of you, and you will find love”, “Babe! Hold on! He’ll Rue the day that this girl lost! You are a beautiful, smart, talented, still will meet your own happiness, because you are so young! Whole life ahead of you!”, “Sorry or not, it’s his business! Most important to you, Danae, did not regret! I’m so glad! You’re so pretty, you any side! Your whole life ahead of you! My you are a beauty!”

To act the daughter Prigogine decided immediately. To find a new love this is going on telestroke “Dom-2”.

The appearance of the Danae project has caused sharp reaction of her father.

“We, of course, terrified. I find it hard to resist this situation, it is useless to talk it’s like talking to a wall. I’m absolutely embarrassed and ashamed of what was Given went to this show. Well, what can I do? She’s a girl, silly to pay. As the saying goes, every family has its black sheep, and I don’t mean my family, I say this as a whole”, — said the producer of the press.

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