Joseph Prigogine accused Russo of dishonesty

Иосиф Пригожин обвинил Авраама Руссо в непорядочности The producer spoke about the divorce of a popular singer. Joseph Prigozhin considers the artist a liar and sympathizes with the abandoned wife of a musician. This position adheres to and Valeria.

The sudden divorce of Abraham Rousseau became a sensation. Fans were shocked by such a turn, because the relationship of the singer and beauty Merely seemed ideal. Now, the musician refuses to return to the US and does not contact with the beloved.

Joseph Prigozhin, who previously collaborated with Russo wasn’t surprised by the news about the separation of lovers. According to the producer, such a person can expect anything. Now men do not communicate, and so the husband of the singer Valeria is extremely reluctant to talk about the musician.

“I’m not interested in this man at all. It’s hard for me to forget how he slandered me, not once. This man slandered me, so now I have no thoughts in relation to it. Feel sorry for the girl, although with her I don’t know,” said the producer.

According to Prigogine, it was he who helped Russo to become a star. But Abraham, according to the producer, was ignoble, and so now he has no desire to help him and support.

Valeria hastened to support the spouse. She believes that a man like Rousseau, unpredictable. The artist also does not communicate with a colleague across the stage for a long conflict.

“Because Abraham, in his time, proved himself as not the most honest man, I think, in the relationship with his wife was the same,” – said Valery.

Prigozhin and Russo met in the late 90s. the Producer helped a struggling artist to achieve popularity and to record several albums. However, in the mid-2000s, the singer began to collaborate with the impresario Alexander Benish. However, he several times unflattering expressed in the address of Joseph.

Now Abraham is in Moscow. Recently held his solo concert in one of the most popular halls of the capital. The man actively talks about career success, but at the same time carefully avoided the topic of divorce.

Spouse Rousseau Morel said earlier that the famous singer refuses to leave with it on communication, does not support the family financially.

“I had a lot to forgive, tolerate, concede, that was the world that children do not hear differences. It got me in the presence of children hurt, humiliated, that I’m a nobody, my name in any way, I’m not capable of. He is a tyrant, always right, and I must obey him. If I have an opinion, it is wrong. I was under constant tension,” said Morel during an interview for the program “Andrey Malakhov. Live”.

Dealing with the publication of “Sobesednik”, Joseph Prigogine and Valeria have chosen not to discuss the controversial topic in detail.. Avraam Russo has not responded to critical attacks in the address from the ex-producer.