Joseph Kobzon was not allowed her granddaughter to the show “the Voice”

Иосиф Кобзон не пустил внучку на шоу «Голос»
Singer believes the project “the contest of the song parodies”.

Joseph Kobzon

Photo: Anton novoderezhkin/TASS

As you know, last week began the set in the fifth season of the show “the Voice.Children”, and this kicks off the sixth season of “adult” Voices. This premiere waiting for the viewers and the stars of domestic stage. But as it turned out, not all positive about the project “the Voice”.

The master of the Russian stage Joseph Kobzon expressed abhorrence, and said that was not allowed his granddaughter to the casting of the popular show.

“In any case I wouldn’t mentor because they fulfill someone’s will – instruct them that each of them should be on the project – said the singer in interview “” – Here they are, four dashing our performers, and begin to turn with the word: “Mine!” Especially emotionally it makes Pelageya”.

As to the invitation granddaughter of Joseph Davydovich in the show, it offers the singer flatly refused: “Why should I educate my granddaughters on this kind of music? The fact that I don’t watch the show “the Voice” – neither adult nor child. Not because I’m not interested – we have a lot of talented people. But I don’t like that the participants in the singing original, APE and parody other artists. I have this clown so called – “Competition song parodies”. They are singing foreign hits in English, Italian, and why? In the West, in the taverns doing much better! I wish they sang our songs in Russian. But they can’t sing or “black Eyes” or “Kalinka”!”

Kobzon believes that no project will replace proper education, and talented and without much fanfare will be able to get on the stage.