Joseph Kobzon told about your condition

Иосиф Кобзон ответил на сообщения о своем состоянии Today in a press there were data about the deterioration of health of the famous artist. Journalists reported that Iosif Kobzon suffered the intervention of medical professionals. The singer prefers not to go into details, speaking about their health.

      Иосиф Кобзон ответил на сообщения о своем состоянии

      Today in mass media there was information that Soviet actor and public figure Joseph Kobzon was hospitalized. It was reported that the actor allegedly got into one of the Metropolitan hospitals due to complications arising after a serious illness. Doctors examined the star’s music and decided to perform the surgery.

      During the conversation with the correspondent the singer confirmed that he felt bad, but wouldn’t share details. Music star also made it clear that at the moment his condition has improved significantly.

      “StarHit” contacted by the contractor to comment on the situation. The singer, tired of numerous calls from the media, was laconic.

      “I am healthy”, – said the “StarHit” Joseph Davydovich.

      In the press and before there was conflicting information about the health of the famous artist. In November last year, Joseph was not able to attend the concert in Moscow, which was organized by Alexander Gradsky. Well-known artist explained the absence of colleagues with health problems. After that there was talk about the fact that Kobzon was allegedly a heart attack. Then the wife of star music has denied these speculations. “Nothing terrible happened, he had a cold, had a runny nose. He did not go to the event, and, of course, apologized to the City. Well, it happens to everyone”, – said the “StarHit” Nelly Kobzon.

      Note that the famous artist continues to work despite his age. 79-year-old artist is extremely difficult to be a long time without work. “I don’t know how to relax. Just can’t sit at home – boring. Without a scene and concerts I am hard. When on vacation turn on the TV and see how my colleagues work, I feel useless bum is sad. Besides the sea, I do not like. And nally, on the contrary, with the beach and not pull. A few hours at home I spend with a book in hand – I have a big library,” admitted Joseph Davidovich in an interview with “StarHit”.

      Iosif Kobzon: “I am a happy man!”

      We also add that Joseph Kobzon Nelli Mikhailovna loved in his large and happy family. During the conversation with reporters the wife of the famous artist said that simply loves spending time with her grandchildren. And when summer comes, Kobzon’s family regularly visit his country residence. In addition, Nelly Kobzon told that often goes with the kids to the shops, playing backgammon and table tennis, and swims in the pool.