Joseph Kobzon saved brother Masha Rasputina from death

Иосиф Кобзон спас брата Маши Распутиной от смерти Nicholas Ageev almost killed in prison. Three times a man was beaten until he lost consciousness. The head of the colony advised Masha Rasputina to find any leverage to have the man transferred to other place. Then the artist turned to Iosif Kobzon.
Иосиф Кобзон спас брата Маши Распутиной от смерти

In the late ‘ 80s sibling Masha Rasputina Nikolay Ageev, charged with the murder of the son of his concubine. Despite the fact that the man claimed that he was not involved in the death of a child, he was sentenced to 10 years in prison. Brother Masha Rasputina almost killed in the colony

In prison the brother of the singer was not easy. Three times he tried to kill inmates. Masha was visiting a relative. She admitted that once the head area advised her to make every effort to ensure that he was transferred to another colony, or her relative waited for certain death. Out of desperation, the artist decided to ask for help from their colleagues and appealed to Joseph Kobzon. He was able to influence the situation.

“I was told to address him, said, “He will help you.” Kobzon helps everyone. We are together at the concert spoke, I approached him. “Well, then, the day after tomorrow is the concert, come, I’ll let you down to one person, and you tell him when I’ll tell, the whole situation”, recalls the words of Joseph Kobzon, the singer in the program “the Secret to a million.”
Иосиф Кобзон спас брата Маши Распутиной от смерти

To the Mashiny surprise, the next day Nicholas was transferred to the colony settlement, located not far from Moscow. She is still grateful to his colleague for help. In this prison he was kept about four years and was released in may 1997.

Despite the fact that Ageev was sentenced to 10 years, he has served his sentence less than a year and a month. Maria said the last time they did not get to meet very often. Lera Kudryavtseva was invited to the Studio of Nicholas, who was a pleasure to meet a sister.

The man admitted that he did not like to remember all the details of that fateful day that killed the boy. He did not consider himself guilty. Moreover, he was acquitted – that is why it is let out of prison early. According to Ageeva, originally he is sentenced “due to the internal belief of court”. Only after many years of being in the colony, the case was revised and he was acquitted for lack of evidence.

Now Nicholas lives a quiet life – he has no criminal record, work in state institutions. He is grateful to Masha, who never left him in a difficult situation and did everything for his brother. Moreover, the relative stars glad she never for a moment doubted his honesty. The words of Rasputina forever etched in his memory.

“I liked the response of Mary. She said, “If I thought for a moment that he did, I with his hands were either killed or poisoned,” recalled a man.