Джозеф Баэна рассказывает о своём «Великом отце» Арнольде Шварценеггере

Джозеф Баэна рассказывает о своём «Великом отце» Арнольде Шварценеггере

Joseph Baena spoke about his relationship with his famous father Arnold Schwarzenegger during his speech at the 13th annual gala concert Go Campaign in Hollywood, California, November 16.

22-year-old Joseph Baena has a high opinion of his father Arnold Schwarzenegger, 72 years old, and he could not remember their close relationship in an interview at the 13th annual gala concert Go Campaign on November 16! Joseph, who was at the event in Hollywood, told about how he and his father Terminator live at present. He said that they came to learn more about the company, which is a non-profit and attracts attention and funds to help orphans and vulnerable children around the world.
“We are all fine! I love my dad! he exclaimed when asked about the relationship with Arnold. “We hang out together all the time! He is a great dad! That’s really all I can say about it! We train together, we eat together. We do a lot of things together.”

Джозеф Баэна рассказывает о своём «Великом отце» Арнольде Шварценеггере
“I have nothing bad to say about my father,” he continued. “I love him! He is a Joker! Sometimes he can be very energetic. He knows how to get things done. If he needs to do something, he will do anything. He is very serious about his work and what he does. Therefore, it is for me an example”.
Joseph further told that Arnold always gives him helpful advice when he needs it, and one of the best things he told him was: “I always give 100% at what I do. Whether it’s training, work, school. Just do everything always with the utmost care”. Also added Arnold: “don’t leave Anything unfinished. Don’t feel guilty if you put enough effort. And believe in what you’re doing!”. Joseph is incredibly proud of his father and everywhere he was quoted, it clearly allows us to make a correct estimate of Arnold as a father. And is assessment, clearly maximum.

Although Joseph, whose mother Mildred Baena,, has admitted that he could not talk about his half brothers and sisters, he mentioned that Arnold met his girlfriend Nikki doda, and she received his approval. “He loves it! “Of course, he thinks she’s beautiful,” he said. “He thinks she really loves it! And I agree with that! We all love Nicki!
When he wasn’t spending time with his father and his friend, Joseph works. Like Arnold, he acquired an impressive muscular body, which he often demonstrates in social networks. Whether it’s lifting weights or performing other exercises in the gym, he is definitely a mini-me of Arnold, and it’s very cool to watch!

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