Джорди Мюррей: 5 вещей о модели замеченной с Коди Симпсоном

Джорди Мюррей: 5 вещей о модели замеченной с Коди Симпсоном

Playboy model Jordy Murray was spotted in the crowd with Cody Simpson in new York just a day after Miley Cyrus has posted cryptic tweets about what they are “lonely” during the holidays!

Can there be trouble in Paradise between Miley Cyrus, 27 years old, and Cody Simpson, 22 years? Since then, he broke up with Caitlin Carter, 31, the pair became strong, but Cody and Miley have not been seen together since then, they have worked voluntarily in a shelter for homeless youth two weeks ago. The singer who performed the hit song “Slide Away” also published a series of cryptic tweets, which mentioned that they are “lonely” during the holidays. “Sad Christmas song I wrote a few years ago, right before the holidays. It seemed to me that I can’t be with the one you love. Even in a house full of family and friends, I still felt lonely…”, — he wrote.
On December 22, just a day after the sad tweets, Cody was spotted while walking in new York with model playboy Jordy Murray, 26 years old. “Cody is out with friends in new York, and the girl he was photographed is a friend of his friend, with them, nothing happens,” assured a source close to the singer. But here are 5 things you need to know about this model:

1. She’s a Playboy model. The blonde posed for fine shooting under the name “desert Solitaire” for Playboy magazine issued in December 2019. On one of the pictures she was in a classic red swimsuit, the other only in black shoes. Murray reportedly started modeling in Australia as a teenager, where she learned “I was at University in Australia when I started my career. I was 18 which is pretty late for this industry! I think I was intrigued by the industry when I first saw the pictures of Natalia Vodianova” she said later in an interview with c-head.
2.26-year-old Jordan Murray was born on 28 may 1993 in the town of Voorhees, County of Camden, state of new Jersey. “When I was in school, we moved around a lot (all within the USA), and then I moved to Australia alone when I was 18,” she explained in an interview with C-Head. Since her modeling career began in Down Under, she moved back to the United States and calls new York city home!
3. She is an avid traveler. A quick glance at her Instagram shows that Jordi travels around the world. The tape is full of photos, made in Japan, Denmark, Italy and Spain, to name just a few, as well as in new York and Los Angeles!
4. She owns vegan food company. She’s a model who loves to eat! With a passion for food and nutrition, she became a co-founder of Alchemy, a company producing raw vegan desserts, with his business partner Samantha Hillman.
5. Geordi not just believe in proper nutrition and exercise and how the body, mind and soul work together! “Health is a relationship with everything! Just as style is not only what you wear, and health is not only what you eat. It’s a mental, spiritual and physical condition,” she said in 2015.

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