Джуна отказалась от брака с Николаевым в пользу Матвиенко Composer Igor Matvienko for the first time spoke about his very short marriage. He was the husband of the famous healer just one day in 1989. The producer shared his memories about the relationship with Juna in the programme “Tonight”.
Джуна отказалась от брака с Николаевым в пользу Матвиенко

Recently, on February 6, one of the most successful music producers of the country Igor Matvienko turned 58 years old. Birthday was the occasion to friends, colleagues, mentees and admirers celebrities gathered in the Studio of the First channel on the program “Tonight”. Besides, Matvienko – a rare guest on TV shows, he believes that people of his profession should stay in the background, or “freaking”.

The program was mainly devoted to the creative path of the composer, recalled the first steps Matvienko in show business, but not only. Presenter Maxim Galkin spoke about the marriage of the hero with June, which lasted only one day.

A famous healer, astrologer, President of the NGO “Alternative Sciences” Yevgenia Davitashvili, is better known as juna in 37 years last time she married a young composer, 26-year-old Igor Matvienko.

Jung repeatedly told, that went to the registry office, because you bet brother.

But Matvienko this episode of their lives remembered in the TV Studio for the first time. The composer admitted that he had in mind was not to marry Juneau. By that time, as a future producer and the healer have registered their relationship, they knew each other for about a year. And relationships, as said before June, and is now admitted Matvienko. The young man was a frequent visitor at her house, where musicians, artists and other creative people. Igor Igorevich now compares the Junes apartment on the Old Arbat with a salon, as in Tolstoy’s novel. It was there, and he took a fateful conversation. Juna in fact, she called Igor in men. And he agreed solely selfish reasons. But first Joon said that he received a proposal of marriage from another composer Igor Nikolaev.

“She was in the house on the Old Arbat was a kind of club, where every day people gathered, they were all there. Alcohol, appetizer, conversations. Then juna recorded with Igor Nikolayev something creative, she wrote poetry again. And at one point, Joon takes me in the hallway and says “Igor Nikolaev made me an offer”. I never considered junuh as the girl woman. So they said, “Congratulations!”. And she said, “you know, he’s not very good, but like you…” I quickly replayed in my head – yeah, Nikolaev wrote iceberg and is already a star and thinking, said: I agree! It was of course, terribly pragmatic on my part… I was completely dunce and didn’t realize,” – said Matvienko.

According to Igor Igorevich, they were married two weeks later in Kutuzovsky registry office, but husband and wife stayed only on paper and only a day. Maxim Galkin invited the composer to call the Guinness book of records, suggesting that perhaps this was the shortest marriage in the USSR.

Matvienko was married several times. He has five children from different wives.

June married never came out. She died at age 65 in 2015.