Jonathan Bennett celebrated the Day of girls-teenagers 3 Oct

Джонатан Беннетт отпраздновал День девочек-подростков 3 октября

Джонатан Беннетт отпраздновал День девочек-подростков 3 октября

Jonathan Bennett, who played Aaron Samuels in the film “bad girls”, told how he celebrated on 3 October, and shared their new video!
His hair looked unbeatable laid back, he is damn attractive — it’s Jonathan Bennett, or as we prefer to call Aaron Samuels, and he knows exactly how to celebrate October 3! The star of the movie “mean girls” said in an exclusive
interview as he celebrates this great day. In memory of that moment when Aaron Samuels asked Cady Heron what day in math class… and it was 3 October. “On October 3 I will be working on the show shonda rhimes on ABC!” — twitted it. “I am also raising money for
the construction of wells in Africa, together with other actors from mean girls. We are very pleased to join with the project “Thirst” to build a well in honor of adolescent girls with the support of all our fans. 663 million people do not have water on our planet, and we want to change that. Go to the website of the project “Thirst” and donate $ 3 in honor of October 3!”

Джонатан Беннетт отпраздновал День девочек-подростков 3 октябряThe original cast of the Comedy of 2004 reunited to shoot an exciting video project “Thirst” for 3 October. Jonathan begins the video with the words: “Today, of course, I will ask you what day it is”, and his colleague, Amanda Seyfried,
he added: “on this day, the third of October we merged with the project “Thirst””. “Through this project, build wells with fresh water in developing countries to deliver clean water to those most in need,” continued Lacey Chabert, and Lindsay
Lohan said, “We all know that KD was from Africa, but this year we want to help with the construction of wells in Uganda and I need your help!” This is such a wonderful way to celebrate 3 Oct came up with these guys.

Джонатан Беннетт отпраздновал День девочек-подростков 3 октябряJonathan also talked about his new film “Surprise me!” Which will be released on October 4. In the title role, along with Jonathan Bennett will star Fiona Gubelmann. “Fiona and Gubelmann was so fun to film,” he told Jonathan. “I
I think that the hardest part of working with her is that the two of us had so much fun that we couldn’t get through it all without laughing. She has such a cheerful spark that the two of us like a flame
and the flame”.

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