Сестры Джонас: Приянка Чопра рассказала об отношениях с Софи Тернер

In a large family of Jonas completion — Joe was married to Sophie Turner. In an interview with ELLE UK, the wife of nick Jonas Priyanka Chopra spoke about his attitude to the newly sister.

“I never had sisters, so it is very nice to have Sophie and Daniel,” says Priyanka in an interview. As she says, the relationship with Sophie and Daniel is very good at it: the girls spend time together and do not miss the opportunity to meet a family complete.

About the relationship with Sophie Priyanka told a bit more, because with her she had a special connection: “Sophie is a very talented, super-funny, so we have the coolest parties. It is just super! When the interview will be Sophie will already be Mrs. Jonas. I just can’t wait when she will become a member of our family!”.

In addition to the relationships with their “sisters”, Priyanka took the opportunity and told us a bit about your husband. “I never thought that having a boyfriend and a husband are two different things. When you give an oath, the person becomes your family and it is the family that YOU choose”.

Earlier, the star was told that even thought about marriage with a member of the family of Jonas. Early Chopra attended the 10th annual women’s summit Tina brown, in which he spoke about their relationship and how Nick opened up on the other side. “I knew him for two years. I didn’t even think what it would be like this, that is purely my fault. I appreciated a book by its cover” — said Priyanka. “And when I started Dating Nick, he surprised me!”

“I call him “Old Jonas” (Old Man Jonas)”. Despite the fact that Nick’s younger wife for 10 years, she considers it a very adult and poised. Nick is very wise, says the actress, unlike her. Priyanka — daredevil and indulging in their sometimes crazy desires, which helps to sensibly comprehend Jonas. He constantly supports it.

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