Джона Хилл нюхал с Ди Каприо витаминную пудру вместо кокаина
Supplements almost sent the actor in “the other world”.

Leonardo DiCaprio and Jonah hill

Photo: Instagram.com

As described recently, the famous Comedy actor Jonah hill,
shooting the movie that brought him great success — “the Wolf of wall Street” — cost him his emergency hospitalization and months
under a dropper in hospital. Moreover, as explained by hill physicians, it is still very
lucky — it could have been much worse… this became known thanks
published in the Daily Mail.

The creators of the acclaimed movie “the Wolf of wall Street”, where the main role was played by Leonardo Di Caprio,
was extremely proud when told the participants of the shooting on his “brilliant”
idea. According to the scenario, the actors had to portray drug addicts, does sniffing
cocaine. And here are the creators of the future blockbuster have thought to replace the drug
helpful Supplement that is a powder with a high content of vitamin “D”.

“We were doing our “fake cocaine” during
several months while the shooting went. And all the time the dust settled we in
lungs. I consoled myself with the thought that will be loaded with vitamin “D” for the rest
life and become supercilium. But the upshot was that I became seriously ill. Have
I began a serious bronchitis. And even after I was hospitalized, doctors
not once have coped with my illness…” — said the actor.

Incidentally, the producers of the film are very lucky,
that hill decided not to bring them to court for damage to his health damage. In
the end, no one was forced to eat dust, he could
up reasoned the actor… the Most interesting thing about this story is that although Leonardo DiCaprio “sniff” vitamin powder is not less than that hill, he somehow managed
not to get sick. As hinted detractors Leo, who received this year
the long-awaited “Oscar” DiCaprio, a well-known party boy, not yet
this used to…

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