Джона Хилл рассказал о кокаине на съемках «Волка с Уолл-стрит»

One of the most controversial films with Leonardo DiCaprio – “the Wolf of wall street” made him to do many strange and unusual things. Together with his colleague Jonah hill, DiCaprio often swearing swear words, engage in promiscuous relationships with women and even took drugs. Perhaps the latter film was the most.

Today, a friend of Leo John shared with the press what he resulted, the drug use on the set, how it has affected his health.

Of course, cocaine no one on the set to put not going. The drug it was decided to replace the powder with a high content of vitamin D. This, according to the creators, should not affect the health of the actors. However, the opposite has happened.

“We were doing our “fake cocaine” for several months while the shooting went. And all the time the dust settled we got in the lungs. I consoled myself with the thought that will be loaded with vitamin “D” for the rest of your life and become supercilium. But the upshot was that I became seriously ill. I started to have severe bronchitis. And even after I was hospitalized, doctors did not immediately coped with my illness…” — said the actor.

By the way, for the application of health damage during shtuchnogo process the producers would be punished, if the hill took them to court. But John was the guy understands and even justified for your own producers, they say, they are not to blame because of John, no one forcibly made to sniff the cocaine.


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