Джона Хилл похвастался стройным телом

33-year-old American actor Jonah hill completely updates your summer wardrobe. Man, the weight of which recently exceeded 130 pounds can’t get enough of his slim and toned body. Judging by the way he happily poses for the photographers (even on the street), all the complexes and feelings John left behind.

“John is very happy with her body, and now buys clothes for the summer. His popularity in Hollywood grew, and he is happy that his career will go up,” said the insider.
Hill and his buddies was caught by the paparazzi at one of the restaurants in West Hollywood on Saturday night, and if John wanted to remain inconspicuous, but this time even smiled at the photographers.
Not so long ago in an interview with Jimmy Fellow the actor said that to lose weight it pushed Channing Tatum, who advised him of a nutritionist and joined a gym. The results were not quick, but now the weight Jonah seems to be under control.