Jon Bon Jovi about Kim Kardashian: “I’d rather she went to study”

Джон Бон Джови о Ким Кардашьян: «Лучше бы она пошла учиться»

Kim Kardashian is one of the most popular celebrities of our time, that can be seen by the number of followers on instagram and success of the network as a whole. Star quote shooting in various TV shows, and her beauty line is a leader in sales. However, many believe that this reputation is not deserved, and Kim better do something else. One of them is singer Jon Bon Jovi.

Recently the singer gave an interview on Australian talk show The Sunday Project, where he spoke about fashion in General. However, soon we are talking in particular about Kim. Spoiler: John spoke very unflatteringly about the star of instagram. “I think we are living in some horrible world. But I want to tell you that 60 seconds of my life spent watching these “Real Housewives”, “Kardashians” and other nonsense. I don’t even know the names of those involved and never saw anything like it” — so says John.

If other members of the family of John mark, about Kim even knows some interesting facts. “I wonder what she will write in her autobiography? “I starred in porn, and guess what happened next — I woke up famous”? Sorry, but it’s not for me. I wish she wrote a book, painted a picture, became an actress, beginning to sing or just would go to learn. The real glory is a nice bonus after writing good songs,” commented career Kim is a famous singer.

Kim remarks the singer has not commented, but in a recent interview said that despite his notoriety, at home it is much konzervativna.

Kim wife to Kanye West and gave birth to two children 5-year-old North’s 2-year-old Saint. 9-month-old Chicago for a married couple gave birth to a surrogate mother because of the great risk of impaired fertility. Though a star in public “wild and sexy” at home she’s not. “It’s funny, but at home I’m much more conservative than in public. My public persona is wild and sexy, but actually I am very shy to talk about sex. I am very conservative when it comes to this. However, I’m very vain, so can come to the set and to be naked before a group of 50 people. But one by one, in an intimate setting, I’m shy and insecure. I definitely have two different personalities… I Think motherhood has made me more confident in demonstrating their sexuality”.

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