У Джоли будет учиться наследник олигарха из России

Actress, Director, mother and goodwill Ambassador of the UN will begin a professorship at the London school of Economics since the beginning of this school year.

The news that Angelina Jolie will conduct a special course in one of the most prestigious universities in the world, appeared a month ago. However, it was reported that the celebrity will be brought to new students in 2017. But apparently, the teaching staff decided not to postpone the project for later and introduce students to new titles and meeting one of the most influential women in Hollywood as soon as possible.

So, Jolie will deliver the first lecture on “the Impact of the war on women” in September of this year. One can only imagine what the hype will cause her a visit… With a teacher and truant did not want!

By the way, about education and students. It became known that one of the students of Angelina will be the nephew of billionaire Musa Bagaeva Denis. This year a young man graduated from MGIMO, and, passing the entrance exams at the London school of Economics, was enrolled.

Also at different times by students from the London school of Economics were the US President John Kennedy, the financier George Spross, musician Mick Jagger and other famous people.

This we have to ensure that the level of the school where will be taught by the wife of brad pitt, deserves all praise. So the family of Angelina can be proud of its successes.

Jolie, of course, also pleased the new office. “I hope to learn from students and to share their own experience with various governments and with the UN”, she said to the press.

Earlier, the actress, as we already cooperated with the London school of Economics. In 2015, she, together with former British foreign Secretary William Hague (incidentally, he also became a visiting Professor) opened a school in the centre on women, peace and security.

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