Jolie wants to ask Jennifer aniston to testify against pitt

Джоли хочет попросить Дженнифер Энистон свидетельствовать против Питта
Angelina hopes to help ex-wife of brad.

Джоли хочет попросить Дженнифер Энистон свидетельствовать против Питта

Angelina Jolie and brad pitt


Jennifer Aniston


As it became known to the reporters of the website Radar Online,
lawyers have advised angelina Jolie to try to use the ex-husband pitt in it
the divorce battle against brad. Angelina intends to invite aniston to the court
as a witness to be interrogated regarding the problems with the pitt
alcohol and drugs, Dating back to the days when he was a man
Jennifer. Besides, lawyers Jolie expects to receive from aniston information
that he has in the past experienced bouts of uncontrollable anger. After all
Angelina pitt was accused that he slapped their eldest son Maddox just
during one of these attacks.

Of course, not the fact that aniston would agree
to testify against ex-husband. After all, as was believed until recently
time, despite the fact that brad is brutally dumped Jennifer for Angelina
Aniston and pitt seems to have managed to keep a good relationship. However, from the moment
as it became known about divorce, Jennifer so pointedly keeps his distance,
doing everything in her power to stay away, that was suspicious:
in this case it is not on the side of brad. She not only did not say a word in
the protection of the man she loved once, but even fled to new York, away
from annoying Hollywood reporters. This is not just reporters writing sites Us Magazine and E!.

Meanwhile, aniston could support pitt. After all, for
example, johnny Depp, amber heard accused in the beating, was found immediately
few defenders in the face of his former women. So, and his former civil wife
Vanessa Paradis (which he left for the Hurd), and Winona Ryder, with whom he
was engaged in his youth, said in unison: they do not believe that johnny could raise
a hand on a woman.

But aniston, in contrast to Paradis and rider
silent regarding the innocence of the former husband. And if Jennifer,
same, still remember their old grudge against pitt who cheated on her, who knows, maybe she will agree to speak against brad. But
the stakes are very high: it is about to practically away from
Pitt children.