Jolie uses black magic to take revenge on pitt

Джоли использует черную магию, чтобы отомстить Питту

Angelina Jolie and brad pitt are not breaking up best friends. Between spouses have hurt each other, which, of course, just not going anywhere. Pitt is angry at his former pious for the fact that she unjustly accused him of addiction to alcohol and illicit drugs, and assault. In turn, the Angelina also, you got offended and now pitt’s revenge.

Journalists RadarOnline found out that Jolie may resort to using black magic to hurt brad. “Pitt fears Jolie will start to use magic to harm it. He believes that it is able to ruin his life and completely destroy him as a person,” — said the informant, adding that Angie could be guilty of that last movie with pitt in the lead role – “Allies” — have not collected the expected amount at the box office.

It is noted that familiarity Jolie black magic took place over 10 years ago, when she was married to Billy Bob Thornton. As you know, during the wedding ceremony, the couple exchanged their blood. Since Angelina was deeply immersed in occult topics, and even contributed to the fact that pitt easily and quickly split up with his ex-wife Jennifer aniston.