Jolie pitt was deprived of the most precious in his life

Джоли лишила Питта самого дорогого в его жизни
The actor has put forward the condition under which he will be able occasionally to see his children.

Pitt and angelina Jolie with children

Photo: Legion-media

Beautiful love story of Angelina Jolie and brad pitt turned out for the Hollywood actor a real nightmare. As it became known, Jolie still managed to guardianship deprived pitt of the rights of the guardian. Now brad can see my own children only with the permission of Jolie and, in addition, under the supervision of a therapist. Such restrictions will act in accordance with information published by TMZ for 20 days.

Throughout this difficult for an actor of his period is also required to be tested regularly for traces of alcohol and drugs. By the way, the first one brad has managed to pass. By the way, is the addiction of the husband, became, according to rumors, the reason for the collapse of family life. However, there is another version that is associated with the political career of Jolie.

Incidentally, fans of the pair was shaken by a terrible news from hackers that pitt supposedly died. As it became known, the fraudsters ran the expanse of the Facebook “duck” about the sudden death of the actor. A link to the alleged news about the passing of brad in a matter of minutes scattered throughout the vast social network. Here are all clicked on, by the way, very believable fabricated the picture with the announcement of the sensation, automatically become “victims” of attacks by hackers.

According to the portal TMZ, the scammers have accessed personal information of users, including passwords to their profiles. Thus, people got on the “duck” was denied access to his page in the social network. After the first attacks by hackers Facebook begun to warn its users that they did not go for those links that were on the news of the death of the actor. However, running the “bomb” has been unstoppable. Because of their curiosity, thousands of Americans become victims of sophisticated fraud scams.