Jolie is not guilty, pitt left aniston not Angelina

Джоли не виновна: Питт бросил Энистон не из-за Анджелины

The divorce of brad pitt and Angelina Jolie turned into a show. Soon there will be a screening of the documentary, which will be told many secrets of the star couple. What will be discussed in the movie, its creators have not yet reported, but sources say that there will be ajar veil of secrecy, why pitt left Jennifer aniston.

American portal RadarOnline reports that documentary filmmakers are sure pitt was divorced from the former “Friends” star not because of Jolie’s believed all this time.

It is noted that in the marriage with Angelina, brad made the same mistake, because their Union is fractured. But what is, again, unclear.

We will remind, married pitt aniston came out in 2000, and in 2005 was followed by their divorce. The other woman then called Jolie, which brad starred in “Mr. and Mrs. Smith”.

Previously, brad pitt refused to pay angelina Jolie alimony in the amount of 100 thousand dollars.