Jolie had replaced the food for cigarettes and lost weight to 38 kg

Джоли заменила еду на сигареты и похудела до 38 кг

41-year-old Angelina of the sexiest in the world turns into the tired woman.

Passion of divorce most famous couple in the world not fade away. Every day there are new details about the family situation: the children do not want to recognize pitt as a father, the public assigns Jolie status as the worst mother of the year.

In the days long not to appear on secular parties brad shocked and upset the audience by its external visible – tired and weary, the actor was very thin and haggard. Last month the actor has aged 10 years.

But, apparently, angelina is also not easy given the divorce and the sharing of children: the actress continues to lose weight!

“Angie hardly eats and smokes one cigarette after another, she could easily smoke up to two packs a day! To go to war against brad pitt was the hardest thing she ever did. She is in deep stress and living in a state of constant anxiety”, – said the insider portal Radaronline.

“Cigarettes kill the appetite of the figure has remained skin and bones. The last thing she needs to do is to skip meals,” added a concerned friend of the family.

And the appearance of 41-year-old Jolie leaves much to be desired: last year, the company only mentions that Angelina does not care about their appearance, and the weight loss brought it to 38 pounds!

Fans call Angie to take yourself in hand, because the actress has undergone several serious operations.

In 2013 to prevent breast cancer from which his mother died, Jolie, the actress did a mastectomy. In early March, 2015 Jolie was admitted again for emergency surgery. The star was removed, both ovaries and fallopian tubes.

Hormonal therapy helps to cope with the lack of female hormones in a woman’s body, but changes in the condition and mood still can not avoid. Western experts believe that stress and depression could affect the decision of the actress’s breakup with her husband.