Jolie exhausted and struggling to stay on his feet

Джоли обессилела и с трудом держится на ногах

Fans and friends have asked the actress, like a skeleton, to eat.

For several months in a row fans of Jolie watching a terrible picture. Their favorite is extinguished like a candle on the cake. Once a feminine shape, reduced from the mind of all men, without exception, have dried up, slender legs became like sticks for eating sushi. In its current state Angelina could easily appear in an art film about the victims of Auschwitz. Recently, the actress rarely attends social events, often it can be found on political talk shows. But even when it is a screen indicates a serious problem of refugees, the viewers learn of her thin, sharp knees. The exception does not become the next broadcast program on the BBC featuring Jolie.

Джоли обессилела и с трудом держится на ногах

Джоли обессилела и с трудом держится на ногах

Speaking on British TV channel about the potential President of the United States, migrants and charity, she never imagined that all of her heartfelt speech, the audience will only remember bony feet of the speaker and a gaunt face with dark pits sunken cheeks.

Jolie looked, to put it mildly, not in Hollywood. From the former beauty is not gone. Rumor has it that she already wkra exhausted – tired quickly, and the mood changes too quickly. It is no wonder that social networks sparked serious discussion on the topic “Who is to blame and what to do?”.

Causes of rapid depletion sound different from an unusual illness that Angelina picked up during one of the missions in Africa, to a nervous breakdown on the background of frequent infidelities of her husband. Recall that brad pitt recently caught in the company of actress Lizzy Caplan, known for the TV series “Masters of sex”. Prior to that, was the story of a nanny who has paid more attention to brad, rather than children, for which he was dismissed.

In General, jittery Angelina has which. Fans of the actress and friends beg her to normalize the power to consume more protein and fat. Otherwise, you can lose and roles, and health.

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