Джоли и Питт увлеклись ботоксом

Rumor has it that the couple had frequent visits to the beautician.

Old age, as they say, no joy. That 41-year-old Angelina Jolie already started to think about how so you can maintain their youth. Took the handle of his 52-year-old wife of brad pitt and ran to the beautician. The first results were not long in coming. Friends of the pair claim that due to the different procedures the couple began to look 10 years younger. And apparently, the star couple was so pleased with the effect that they forgotten about the sense of proportion.

“They’re scared age-related changes and ready to do anything to stop the aging process. Because of the numerous manipulations of Jolie and pitt recently started to look like plastic dolls,” said an American insider portal Radar Online.

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Brad pitt, according to friends, prefers non-surgical facelift using dermal filler Radiesse. After injection of the drug the gel base like tightens your skin, thereby smoothing wrinkles. With his help and stimulate the creation of collagen. Angelina also often takes a deep laser peel so that her skin looks so smooth and elastic.

“Angie and brad are huge fans of Botox and Dysport,” added the anonymous source.

Of course, you can discuss them and even to condemn. But as you would have done in place of Jolie and pitt? Because for them a person is the main working tool on their business card. No wonder that they are ready for any means, just that the tool worked for many years.

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