Jokes Sobchak and concerns Drobysh: what to expect from the concert-opening “the New idol”

Шутки Собчак и опасения Дробыша: чего ждать от концерта-открытия «Новой Фабрики звезд» The famous music show returned to TV screens. First reporting concert of the “New idol” under the leadership of Viktor Drobysh brought together experts and young talents who have demonstrated vocal abilities. Ksenia Sobchak, who became the leading program, supported the guys.
Шутки Собчак и опасения Дробыша: чего ждать от концерта-открытия «Новой Фабрики звезд»

Fans waited for the return of “American idol” for several years and here, the audience was lucky to see popular in the early 2000’s music show. During a large-scale casting to the organizers, the organizers managed to select 16 boys who will compete for the title of best.

The main producer of “New American idol” became Victor Drobysh. He had previously been engaged in the promotion of young artists in the sixth season of the project. Then the composer has failed to open several talented musicians who still perform successfully on stage.

The producer thinks that the guys will not be easy, as the conditions in which they will be, also are a kind of test of strength.

“They are waiting for a hard life in a confined space and it is very interesting the life is! For them, the most important thing is not to waste precious time eating, talking, bickering and feelings, and to hear all the important and necessary from me, take something from other artists and neighbors in the big house,” said Victor Drobysh.

Leading the new season of the project was Ksenia Sobchak.

The first program Ksenia immediately began with a joke about his attire, bright red dress of sequins, which, in its opinion, resembles a beetle costume-firefighter, but most importantly, they like the Director and the creative team of the show. The young woman was impressed by the talent and appearance of young artists who are already reporting on the first concert were able to light.

Шутки Собчак и опасения Дробыша: чего ждать от концерта-открытия «Новой Фабрики звезд»“Today I was so inspired by the incredible atmosphere on the set that appealed to Viktor Yakovlevich to write me a song” – said Sobchak.
Шутки Собчак и опасения Дробыша: чего ждать от концерта-открытия «Новой Фабрики звезд»

Artistic Director of ballet TODES Alla oven said that some musical numbers from the first reporting concert impressed her deeply. However, she did not name the favorites among the novice artists.

“I am not going to single anyone out because this is only the beginning. Overall I have a wonderful, wonderful feeling. To work with them, of course, have a lot. The guys are not experienced, but this is very touching! Of course 16 weeks is not much time. We have them on a hard training for a year! Well, we will try. I want everyone to be winners and were happy,” – said the spirit.
Шутки Собчак и опасения Дробыша: чего ждать от концерта-открытия «Новой Фабрики звезд»

General Director of TV channel “MUZ-TV” Arman Davletyarov explained why “star Factory” was to return to the screens. According to him, the show gave viewers a huge number of stars, and the new season will be no exception.

The winner of project waiting for incredible prizes. It will shoot a music video, the rotation of which will be held on the music channel. Also the best of the “factory” will participate in the MUZ-TV in 2018.

At the first concert of the reporting not only became acquainted with the participants of “star Factory”, but also held performances by famous artists. Appeared on the scene Irina Dubtsova, Valeria, Christina Aguilera and many others.

The concert was opened by Sergey Lazarev and Guzel Khasanova with the song “Into the heart”. It was touching and vivid.

Spectators were impressed by the rooms Christina Aguilera and Lolita Voloshin. Victor Drobysh was accompanied by the artist at the piano. The song “Light of your love” are perfect to show vocal 17-year-old “fabrikantki”.

Another member of the project Elman Zeynalov made a sudden statement before the performance in a duet with Ani Lorak. “I came to win, not to establish friendly relations. I will compete Timati and achieve success”, – told about the plans of the young man.

Zina Kupriyanovich became the youngest participant of the “New idol.” The girl will soon turn 15 years old, but she already dreams of glory. On stage, the lover of hip-hop from Minsk lit together with the singer Valeria.

One of the “factory” Vladimir Idiatullin said that he came to the project to “hang out and win”. After the provocative performance of the hit “Naked” in a duet with group “C”, it became clear that the young man has all the chances to win.

“New star Factory” has become truly international. Among the participants of the show were singers from Russia, Belarus and Georgia. Samvel Vardanyan from Tbilisi is well known to the audience, because he had already tried to achieve fame in the third season of “the Voice”. His number with Svetlana Loboda was recognized as one of the brightest.

Room Nargiz Zakirova and Andrew Bielecki surprised the audience not so much for its poignancy, as the image of the singer. The fact that the extravagant actress has changed her hairstyle. Fans were delighted with the new style of the performer.

Stas Peha, acted on stage together with Daniil Ruvinskii and Zina Kupriyanovich, ribbed age of the participants.

“Viktor Yakovlevich, these guys are young. If you add their ages together, you will still be older,” said Peha.

According to spectators, one of the favorites of the competition will be 19-year-old Danya Danilevsky. His duet with Irina Dubtsova impressed and stellar teachers, and fans of the show.

The “star factory” participant Mar Zhdanok believes that it will be able to become the leader of the project due to the international support group. The girl came to the “New Factory of stars” from Minsk, but it has Ethiopian roots. Fans of the show immediately noticed the exotic look of the participants.

Rapper from Yakutia Nikita Kuznetsov does not just performed together with Sergei Zhukov, but also managed to improvise. The young man read a few verses, failing to complement the song “When we were young” rhythms in the style of hip-hop.

At the end of the show the audience was expecting a real surprise. Christina Orbakajte, Valeria and the “star factory” participant Maria Rudnicka lit by the song “Love is not for sale.” Immediately after the concert the participants of “American idol” went to a new home where they will spend four months.