Jokes at a funeral: Dmitry Shepelev accused of misconduct

Шутки на похоронах: Дмитрия Шепелева обвинили в недостойном поведении
What angered relatives Janna Friske at the funeral?

Dmitry Shepelev and Zhanna Friske

Photo: Alexander Mudrats/TASS

Now, almost three years had passed since the death of Jeanne Friske, and native singer can’t make peace with Dmitry Shepelev. Vladimir Kopylov, the father of the actress, has given a new interview in which he revealed details of misconduct presenter at the funeral.

In December of last year Vladimir in the program “million dollar Secret” hinted at the fact that Dmitri is at the funeral shocked the audience with her behavior. Lera Kudryavtseva expressed support for the father of Jeanne. She said that Shepelev had committed an act of “beyond good and evil.” But that’s exactly what happened at the memorial event, told it was not.

Now Vladimir has opened details of the incident. He announced that Dmitry on the funeral of the mother of his son Plato stories. “At some point, popped up to the third floor, stood in the window, pretended that he was going to jump out. All so spectacularly. Said, “I have to live, I’ll jump!” He was seized, dragged. But then he laughed, and said, “What scared? What am I, stupid? I’m still going to live, and long!” That is, he faked a suicide attempt. The guests were in shock, they all saw it. But after this incident, Shepelev jokes hunted, laughed, drank, had behaved inappropriately. Thought he was even glad that he has acquired full freedom…” — quoted Kopylov

This case was mentioned by Vladimir in an interview with reporters in passing. The main “focus” in an interview was placed on the fact that the family of Jeanne plans to attract Dmitry accountable for attempted fraud. Supposedly he recently tried to withdraw money from the personal account of the singer, where a large sum of money. “During the life of Jeanne sold their home americai put the money (475 thousand dollars) to the account. Shepelev know that the Bank is the account of Joan, but didn’t know his number. And then he filed a statement saying that they have Bank account of Jeanne Friske, and he, as legal representative of Plato, has the right to receive the money. At this statement, he pointed out that Plato is the only heir, no other heirs. That is, deliberately misled officers of the Bank. However, the Bank staff learned that there is a trial between Shepelev and his family of Jeanne, and refused to grant money,” — say the advocates of the Friske family.

Meanwhile, the family of Jeanne waits for Dmitry to comply with a court order about appointments Plato with relatives. But Shepelev under various pretexts cancels Dating boys with grandma and grandpa.