Шутки в сторону: Елена Степаненко очень сильно похудела Fans concerned about the health of the artist. Fans believe that the 64-year-old comedian too thin. Elena Stepanenko has surprised the public with their appearance for their own benefit.
Шутки в сторону: Елена Степаненко очень сильно похудела

Elena Stepanenko, actress, comedian, wife of comedian Yevgeny Petrosyan, in April this year will celebrate its 65th anniversary. She has toured extensively and regularly performs solo concerts, and still collecting full houses. So the new show artist of light genre “happy, beautiful” on the channel “Russia 1” on March 8 has collected millions of viewers to TV screens.

Most of the public was struck not monologues and humorous songs artist, and her appearance. Elena G. not just noticeable, but very much the weight loss. Many fans have expressed their concerns in social networks, noting that such thinness that looks painful. Internet users did not hesitate in expressions.

Шутки в сторону: Елена Степаненко очень сильно похудела“It looks awful! Why?! On the stage now she does not look”, “Strong thinness did not attach to her charm. Apparently, there is something serious had happened. Either in health or in relationships, Yes, very thin! It’s all nerves,” wrote the regulars Network.
Шутки в сторону: Елена Степаненко очень сильно похудела

Many have made a disappointing conclusion – it hurts others suggested that Elena G. went under the surgeon’s knife and had surgery to reduce the stomach, but among the commentators were the ones that I was sure Stepanenko just lost weight and she looks very pretty.

Artist for many years, it was recognized that regularly (though not always successfully) struggling with being overweight. Four years ago there appeared information that Stepanenko was dropped a few months a record 28 kilograms. Then, it was evident that the weight is gone, but a drastic change of appearance happened just now.

On the subject of diets and sports umoristici there are a lot of funny monologues. For his benefit she sang comic song, the keynote of which could be, for example, this line: “reveal the Secret diet of touring, but not banquets, concerts, but not receptions…”. Stepanenko as hinted that the secret of harmony is simple. But some viewers are sure thin due to problems in his personal life.

At a solo concert artist was supported by many colleagues – Maxim Galkin, Nikolay Baskov, Andrei Malakhov, but her husband Yevgeny Petrosyan was neither on stage nor in the hall. This fact has fueled rumors that the couple broke up. Moreover, it was said that a famous comedian was fond of a young woman, and next to it a now 26-year-old assistant. Neither Evgeny vaganovich, nor Elena G. gossip never commented on. Except that seven years ago said in unison – live together, divorce is not going. And although since then in any interview neither he nor she personal didn’t say appear together very rarely.