Johnny Depp will have a loud divorce

Джонни Деппу предстоит громкий развод Hollywood actor at odds with his wife amber heard. For the premiere of “Alice in Wonderland” johnny Depp came alone. Surrounded by a couple rumor that the second half is demanded from the actor the fabulous alimony.

      Джонни Деппу предстоит громкий развод

      Family life the famous actor johnny Depp has gone downhill. A favorite of millions of women around the world will soon be single. American media with reference to close to a couple of sources report that a long-legged beauty amber heard has filed for divorce from the actor. The marriage of Hollywood stars lasted just over a year. In early February, the pair played a calico wedding. And so, as it turned out, in may, the actors ceased to live together.

      The couple has not yet given official comments. However eloquently in favor of the separation of the stars is the fact that at the recent premiere of “Alice in Wonderland,” Depp appeared alone. On the red carpet johnny tried to portray the fun with charm. But the actor’s face looked a little rumpled. Perhaps, on the eve of his tortured Insomniac, or just wasn’t in the mood. It is also possible that the artist is experiencing due to the money issue – friends of the stars told the press that amber requested with a fabulous husband alimony.

      It is noteworthy that the rumors about the divorce, Depp and heard walked since the beginning of this year. “They barely speak,” discovered the truth close to the couple the source of one of the American tabloids. Version friends couple, the cause of the disorder could become a bad habit johnny. “Amber is always worried about him. It may be several days not to call and not to write to her”, – said the interlocutor of the edition.

      The first PHOTOS from the wedding of johnny Depp

      Rumor has it that Hollywood actor is fond of alcohol and is unable to stop in time. The craving wife the bottle cooled the ardor of amber, which in the rush of feelings even not hesitate to take the artist from a family with two children.

      We will remind, the Union of johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis have existed for more than ten years. The stars are not married officially, but they have had two children – Lily-rose and John Christopher. In 2012, representative johnny made a statement that Depp and Paradis broke up.

      It is interesting that johnny still believes the mother of his children the family man, though, and left her for a young mistress, which was amber heard. “If you broke up, it does not mean that you no longer pay attention to this man. You will always be in each other’s lives, especially if you have children,” explained his position on the Paradis Depp.

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