Johnny Depp will become seriously ill Professor-mouthed

Джонни Депп перевоплотится в тяжело больного профессора-сквернослова

A few weeks left before the premiere of the fifth part of the Saga “pirates of the Caribbean”, where johnny Depp once again plays the role of captain Jack Sparrow. While it is not clear how successful this picture at the box office but the actor is already looking for new projects. One of them was a film called “Richard says goodbye”.

The Director of the film should be Wayne Roberts. In the center of the plot will be lost the taste for life Professor who put a fatal diagnosis. Upon learning that he had a matter of months, the hero rushes to the winds – he starts Smoking, drinking, swearing, hanging out with women. In General, to do all throughout his life to a greater extent denied. The final film promises to be interesting. I will assume that the diagnosis might be wrong.

Critics say that the lead actor in the film is particularly well chosen, given the lifestyle of Depp.

The opening date of the picture or at least the start of filming is not reported.