Johnny Depp will be the main villain in the prequel to “Harry Potter”

Джонни Депп станет главным злодеем в приквеле «Гарри Поттера»
Hero johnny will come together in a deadly battle with Dumbledore himself.

Johnny Depp


Recently it became known, who exactly johnny Depp
will play in the prequel to “Harry Potter” — franchise “Fantastic beasts and where are they
live”, the premiere of the first film, which will be held today. Previously
it was reported that johnny quite recovered from his divorce and scandal
back to the set. But until recently, nobody knew what
it was the part went to Depp. The Director of “Fantastic creatures” David Yates hinted
only that while in the first film of the franchise, johnny will only appear in a small
the episode, in the future he will play an extremely important and large role.

Now, however, revealed that the creators
the film has Depp entrusted with the role of the main villain — Gellert Greenwald,
wizard, going to the dark side of magic. What Gellert will be
the mortal enemy of a young Dumbledore, with whom he would have to join in
decisive battle…

Herself Joanne Rowling, as she admitted,
was extremely pleased with the fact that this role was adopted precisely Depp.
First, as we have had the opportunity to see the writer, the works
which was withdrawn this movie, johnny masterful job with the role. And secondly,
Depp enthusiastic — because, as it turned out he’s a big fan of her
books and films about Harry Potter.

In addition to Depp in the film involve Eddie Redmayne (who will play the main role of newt Scamander), Colin Farrell,
Jon Voight, Ron Perlman and other actors. The next film of the franchise will be released
at the end of 2018.