Джонни Деппа обвинили в новом избиении Johnny Depp is not the first time accused of causing serious bodily injury. So, domestic violence was the reason why two years ago with the actor divorced his wife, actress amber heard. Recently, a lawsuit against the star filed by the employee of the crew of the film “City of lies”. Gregg Brooks claims that Depp attacked him with his fists, unable to withstand criticism.
Джонни Деппа обвинили в новом избиении

It seems, in the life of a 55-year-old actor has come a black strip – not had time to forgive him the scandal with the beating of the spouse of amber heard, as it became known that johnny squandered his entire fortune and is now on the verge of bankruptcy. In an interview to the journalist of Rolling Stone, Depp admitted – from $ 65 million his state had nothing left.

And now the actor is challenged by new paid. According to the Western press, Depp was again accused of beating. This time under the hot hand stars get Gregg Brooks, who worked with the actor in the movie “City of lies” – the man has already filed a statement to the police. According to the victim, johnny jumped on him and out of anger twice, hit him in the chest.

The conflict was caused by criticisms Gregg relative to the scene, which starred a friend of Depp’s. Brooks also claims that at the time of the attack, johnny was in a state of alcoholic intoxication.

“He wanted to force the plaintiff to suffer humiliation. Drunkenness and quick temper Depp has created a hostile, abusive and unsafe working environment”, – said in the lawsuit.

According to Brooks, after the incident, the actor has provided him a strong pressure, but the victim did not sign a waiver of filing a lawsuit, the result remained without work.

“My client wants Depp was prosecuted for his behavior on the set, so that in future others do not find ourselves in the same situation,” the lawyer said Brooks Arbella Azizian.

Джонни Деппа обвинили в новом избиении

Recall, this is not the first time when johnny is accused of using physical force. So, his ex-wife amber heard has repeatedly stated that Depp had raised her hand, showing the fans pictures, which adorned the bruising.

The love story of one of the most beautiful couples in Hollywood ended in a major scandal, literally perecherknuty career as an actor. For sexy blondes johnny is survived by his wife, singer Vanessa Paradis, and children. In 2013, he proposed to her by gifting diamond earrings, necklace and ring worth 50 thousand dollars. And in the spring of 2016 Hurd filed for divorce.

Amber heard showed signs of beating husband. PHOTO

After published the American court banned the star of “Pirates of the Caribbean” to be closer to the former spouse.

Джонни Деппа обвинили в новом избиении

Violence has been johnny – actor admitted that when his mother was shaking. According to the actor, his mother worked as a waitress in two shifts to support the family, often the woman took out the evil in his son.

“From time to time she beat me for no reason. Suddenly, I could fly ashtray. Or flew handset on the head. We had like a haunted house. Nobody was talking,” admitted the actor.