Johnny Depp wants amber heard to pay for ruined reputation

Джонни Депп хочет заставить Эмбер Херд  заплатить за загубленную репутацию
The actor is trying to punish the former spouse.

Johnny Depp and amber heard


the divorce process is johnny Depp and amber heard have planned a new twist.
The actor has officially demanded that Hurd paid his court costs in
the amount of 100 thousand dollars! About it reported the Internet-the edition

Depp did not become for those who follow the course of their divorce proceedings, full
surprise. Apparently, the claim Depp to heard was “retaliatory
shot” a step actress, made her a week ago.

Amber filed a petition in which he accused johnny of evading compliance
their agreement, according to which Depp agreed to pay Hurd seven
million dollars in settlement of their divorce. Amber noticed that she
publicly pledged the entire amount to charity, and funds
which she promised financial assistance have still not received the promised money.
Johnny moved to her account, only the first “tranche” in the amount of 200 thousand dollars.

Depp’s lawyers responded to the petition amber immediately. For a start, they
accused the actress of violating the terms of the agreement. According to the chief lawyer
Johnny — Laura Wasser — amber, which has pledged not to divulge the details of his
family life with Depp, has violated the obligation, when he wrote in the edition of Porter Magazine open letter, in which once again hinted that she suffered from a beating
Johnny. And although Depp’s name she never mentioned, Vasser believes that without
this violation is obvious.

the lawyers johnny didn’t stop, deciding, apparently, that amber punished them
not enough. And now on behalf of your client, they require the payment of legal
costs — on the grounds that it has caused irreparable damage to his reputation.
Vasser has hinted that they might require and more, as
the total amount of expenses Depp on his divorce process is more
million dollars! However, she modestly, that a large part of this amount
got her and her teammates, the defenders of the actor.