Джонни Деппа закидали нижним бельем

Creative people are versatile. For example, johnny Depp was so fond of music that Alice Cooper and Aerosmith band member Joe Perry founded the band Hollywood Vampires. Three years, the group creates music and has already gained a loyal following, including in Russia. 28 the number of “Vampires” gave a concert in Moscow SK “Olympic”. Fans who saw the 54-year-old Depp in life is so excited that their panties just flew on the stage to the musician.

Many fans were filming the concert on video when on stage with Depp and Cooper flew strange objects. From the first series to the musicians flew underwear, as it saw artists. Depp did not lose his head, and just grinned from such a “surprise”. He tied the “gifts” of fans to the microphone and guitar and continued to play tracks.

Not underwear Russian girls liked Depp as they are. In an interview with Russian magazines, the actor admitted that the Russians liked him. “Slavic facial features is beautiful. In addition, the Russian girls in the eyes of the millennial culture, and it also causes gravity”, he said.

We will remind, in front of the ledge, the actor has decided to get acquainted with the cultural heritage of Moscow and visit the memorial apartment of Mayakovsky on red Presnya. The Museum staff is glad conducted actor tour. After seeing Depp left his autograph in the guestbook. “I was absolutely amazed by your hospitality and proximity to the genius of Mayakovsky. Sincerely, johnny Depp”.

Before leaving, Depp was photographed with employees of the Museum. About the actor they spoke as insanely good, considerate, polite, intelligent and not pretentious person.

“Like before the concert to have time to go to the Russian shop tools to see, touch tools, but not the fact that last time,” said Depp. Also, he already “was in the mausoleum.”

“Two or three times I was in Moscow, but not enough time for anything, only to take a shower and run to present the film — said Depp. This time I have more time. Yesterday I was in the memorial apartment of one of my favorite poets Vladimir Mayakovsky — he had passion, drive, lots of power.”