Джонни Депп устроил на улице разборки с папарацци

Any patience sooner or later comes to an end. The other day it happened with johnny Depp.

The star of the franchise “pirates of the Caribbean” couldn’t cope with his emotions and almost beat the paparazzi who pursued him. The role of Jack Sparrow suddenly rushed to the railing on the journalist. His bodyguard, who was nearby, managed to intercept him in time. Disassembly ended. The fight was over, johnny was limited to insulting the media.

What’s up with Depp, yet clear. Witnesses said that in the direction of the actor was not said or done anything unpleasant. Secular chroniclers have put forward two versions of why Depp fell first, she tired of the constant media interference in his personal life (this time johnny left the office of his doctor); the second, in the soul of Depp’s now a perfect storm of divorce with amber heard, because now it’s hard to control your emotions.

Meanwhile, divorce proceedings between Depp and heard continues.

Soon the pair will have again to go to the court, for settlement of all issues. As a celebrity will settle the charges received from amber about johnny in domestic violence is difficult to predict.

For those who don’t know what it is, remember, after 15 months of living together heard filed for divorce. In the documents it stated that her husband beat her from time to time and even provided photo evidence that later appeared on the covers of tabloids. Despite the words of amber, the Hollywood crowd, few believe her. Most colleagues of the pair are confident that johnny is good-natured and sincere person who is simply unable to hit a woman.

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