Джонни Депп замечен с таинственной незнакомкой

The news of the last days – the divorce of johnny Depp and amber heard. While his wife blames a grief-the husband of domestic violence and it requires the equal division of property monthly payments of spousal support is not less than 50 thousand dollars, Depp gave lawyers the task to annul his marriage to Hurd, so as to save their belongings back-breaking labor of good.

While human rights activists thinking of ideas how to meet the needs of its customers, amber has fun with friends, but johnny seeks solace in the company of a mysterious stranger.

Джонни Депп замечен с таинственной незнакомкой

Recently in Stockholm for the role of Jack Sparrow was seen in a bar with a charming brunette.

Who is the secret person, the journalists have not yet figured out. Does she place on the Hurd, so it is not known.

Note that the divorce of a Hollywood couple and the event is so loud that it even commented on the first of the country matchmaker rose Sabitova. According to women, johnny should stop to pay attention to young, beautiful women, to settle down and return to the woman who loved and endured it for 14 years even with him not being officially painted.

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