Джонни Депп распродает недвижимость, чтобы избежать банкротства
Another house of the actor will go under the hammer.

Джонни Депп распродает недвижимость, чтобы избежать банкротства

Johnny Depp


Amber Heard


it became known that johnny Depp was put up for auction another “exhibit”
the once extensive collection, your property. This time we are talking about a farm in
the state of Kentucky. 17 acres farm located: the main house
with an area of over 500 square meters, a guest house, three large barn… Depp
put your property up for sale last autumn – with a little over 2
million dollars.

by the way, this is the fifth property, which Depp is freed from
last fall. During this time he managed to sell the Villa in the South
France — 50 million
dollars and three luxury apartments in Los Angeles for two and a half, three and 1.8 million. This last-mentioned apartment
located in a luxury building in the 30-ies of the last century, built in the style of
art Deco. In the same building, the actor owns another apartment, which he also
put up for sale and hopes to fetch as much as about two million.

sale of real estate Depp started last year, after he completed
divorce with amber heard, with whom he lived in wedlock a little
more than a year. Under the terms of the agreement which he made with his wife,
accused him of beating, johnny had paid amber as much as $ 7 million.
However, they are not appropriated and gave to charity — children’s
hospital in Los Angeles and the Fund
The Protection Of Civil Rights.

soon, Depp has another problem — the representatives of the company informed
ran its finances, said that he owed them more than 4 million
dollars — the amount for which they bought the debt of the actor to one of the banks. And the debt
this, as stated by the managers, was formed as a result of the extravagance of the actor. Though
they, according to their statements, have repeatedly warned johnny that it costs
exceed his income, Depp did not listen to the advice and continued to spend
astounding amounts. So, for one only purchased a tropical island
he paid $ 3.6 million…