Джонни Депп продает свою «французскую деревню» за 55 миллионов долларов

After his Italian estate, which was put up for sale last week, johnny Depp decided to get rid of from a few of the names that now belong to him.

The press it became known that the 53-year-old “pirate” decided to sell a small village near the town of Plan-de-Tur, which is located in France. The total purchase price is estimated at $ 55 million.

Джонни Депп продает свою «французскую деревню» за 55 миллионов долларов

In the brochure it is noted that a number of houses Depp bought back in 2001. It was then, according to rumors, the young johnny was captured by the beautiful Vanessa Paradis. They say, for the sake of new love actor and ventured into such crazy spending. By the way, several houses in the village date back to the 19th century. They later were restored Depp and was especially dear to his heart.

Say, johnny liked the cozy and quiet life, the actor himself was engaged in the cultivation of vegetables, loved to walk in the next village, personally shopped with their children – Lily-rose and Jack.

It is reported that in the village, which was rebuilt completely by Depp, has her eye several potential buyers. One of them will choose the actor, the mystery.


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