Johnny Depp secretly settled a lawsuit with their former managers

Джонни Депп тайно уладил тяжбу со своими бывшими менеджерами
The actor admitted his guilt.

Johnny Depp


Johnny Depp chose to settle the judicial conflict with his former
managers outside the courtroom: the results of the agreement were
strictly classified.

started in the beginning of last year, when Joel Mandel, a representative of the company
TMG, a long-time driving
finances Depp, he demanded in a judicial order of $ 6 million.
Mandel said that he at the request of Depp designed for the actor in the Bank loan
this amount. When johnny failed to return the loan, Joel, again with the consent of the actor, bought his debt from the Bank. Depp promised to return the money to Mandel, but
this was not done. The Manager demanded repayment of the debt through the courts, then johnny
filed a counterclaim on 25 million, accusing the colleagues that
those brought him to ruin: at the moment, for Depp is
debt of 40 million. However, the actor claimed that had no idea about
his monetary problems and debts were revealed to him an unpleasant surprise.

doubt that’ll win the trial. However, Mandel moved all the necessary
documents (business correspondence and accounts), which show that the problems with
Finance began at johnny a long time, back in 2010, because of his unreasonable
costs. As it turned out, Depp was spending 3миллиона dollars a month. And this is without
taking into account its major acquisitions — the yacht for 18 million and tropical Islands, bought by the actor for almost 4
million. As proved Mandel, many times he warned Depp about
excessive spending, explaining that he is moving to ruin. However, Johnny
ignored all warnings.

Now, when it became clear that the case johnny doesn’t win, he chose to “hush up”
this story. After secret negotiations with the Manager, the actor withdrew the lawsuit.
However, it is not known what will be the outcome of another lawsuit — Mandel to Depp.