Джонни Депп отказывается говорить об Эмбер Херд The actor gave an interview to the radio station. However, johnny Depp spoke to reporters about music, about his career of an actor and made no mention of wife amber heard which was some time ago filed for divorce and accused her husband of beating.

      Джонни Депп отказывается говорить об Эмбер Херд

      Hollywood actor johnny Depp for the first time in a long time, talked to reporters. The media were looking for a star to comment on his divorce with amber heard. However, the actor and musician chose to speak in the radio broadcast Jonesy’s Jukebox on to other topics.

      Depp has completed another tour with his rock band Hollywood Vampires. The star told us why he became an actor because from an early age he wanted to be a musician. According to Depp, he made his first appearance at a club in Miami at the age of 13 years. The actor he had become, as he had no money.

      “I was forced to pay rent for housing. Someone said, “Why don’t you find an agent?”, – recalls Depp.

      Johnny decided to switch to the shooting of a movie, only when his band broke up. Initially, he never seriously considered a career as an actor.

      Despite the fact that the issue of divorce with amber heard is not yet resolved, Depp has planned to tour the U.S. with a team of Hollywood Vampires. The tour will start on July 1. Recall that the court postponed the trial to June 17, 15-16 August. During this time, the actor or his representatives cannot approach to the place of residence amber heard.

      The actress has filed a lawsuit against the wife, noting in a statement that has repeatedly been the victim of his beatings. And the emergence of Hurd with bruises at the trial shocked the public. Amber heard showed signs of beating husband. PHOTO. Friends of the pair have repeatedly stated that both spouses distinguished by an explosive character, so in their family there were conflicts.

      “They are both temperamental and capricious nature, with its own opinion on any issue,” said the people around the couple. – Views do not often coincide, and people with strong characters it is always hard to admit wrong or to take the first step towards reconciliation. Worse yet, johnny and amber are stubborn and have a tendency to dramatize”.

      Former lady star of the film “pirates of the Caribbean” defend him and argue that in dealing with them he never provoked a fight. Vanessa Paradis called statements heard about the beating Depp’s outrageous. French actress noted that he never allowed physical violence against her, and has always been an exemplary father to children. Vanessa Paradis came to the defense of johnny Depp

      Winona Ryder, whom Depp had an affair in the early ‘ 90s, believes that the accusations are unfounded. She was in shock when I found out that johnny could offend someone, because it absolutely does not.

      “I can only speak about my own experience relationship with him, which, of course, may be completely different from his other novels. But to me he never allowed the slightest of insults. I know him only as a very kind, loving, caring man who would never hurt his beloved,” said the actress.

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