Джонни Депп получает письма с угрозами

History of divorce amber heard and johnny Depp cluttered with details. Friend and fellow Hollywood actor Doug Stenfor claims that the star of the film “pirates of the Caribbean” send threatening letters. Moreover, the comedian said that on the night when the incident occurred, he was in the house Depp, voiced by the actress the violence was not close.

Джонни Депп получает письма с угрозами
Doug claims that johnny was in a bad mood because you just lost your mother and amber in the day met with his lawyers.
“Hurd will water it with dirt and invent different meanness in his direction, if he does not agree to her terms of the divorce. Johnny has received death threats and couldn’t even sleep. If I didn’t know him, you could call paranoid. As you can see, amber has decided to put his plan in motion. The information that he allegedly beat his wife, became a media sensation, was leaked to the Internet and bypassed the entire planet, causing an uproar of fans johnny. His family is accused of tyranny and threatened. We need to protect it at any cost,” said Doug.

Meanwhile, the actress from amber it turned out so currently. Posted pictures with bruises, allegedly showing the beating, many believe is a fake. The militiamen who have arrived on a call heard, not witnessed beatings (the day after the “lost actress” appeared in public, and signs of beating on it was not). A fictional fight and insists friend johnny, who witnessed a family squabble.
Meanwhile, Depp has serious concerns. Last night the artist was in a Swiss hotel, where his room was guarded by eight (!) bodyguards.

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