Johnny Depp openly talked about the divorce with amber heard

Джонни Депп откровенно рассказал о разводе с Эмбер Херд

The Rolling stone magazine interviewed johnny Depp, in which he told about the divorce with amber heard.

“My fall was so deep, if it’s even possible. I couldn’t stand the pain every day,” said the actor.

Like many actors, Depp decided to cope with the pain through creativity. Now, the actor went on tour with the group the Hollywood Vampires, which plays on the guitar. After the divorce with heard, Depp sat down for a printing machine and began writing a memoir, spilling back all my emotions. “One morning, poured myself a vodka and printed, until the tears completely clouded gaze, making no longer see the page. I was trying to figure out what did to deserve this, what did… Tried to be kind and to help all, not to lie. However, for me the most important thing,” added johnny.

In addition to the heartache, Depp had to cope with money matters. For the actor began litigation with financial managers. Depp accused them of fraud and improper spending of money. Those, in turn, told about the delights of the life of his employer. “My son heard from the kids at school that his old man had lost all his money. This is wrong,” said Depp.

Charges financial managers Depp replied ambiguously: “it’s a Shame to say that I spent 30 thousand dollars on the wine… Because the amount was more.”

Recall that three years the team of Hollywood Vampires makes music and has already gained a loyal following, including in Russia. May 28 “Vampires” gave a concert in Moscow SK “Olympic”. Fans who saw the 54-year-old Depp in life is so excited that their panties just flew on the stage to the musician.

Many fans were filming the concert on video when on stage with Depp and Cooper flew strange objects. From the first series to the musicians flew underwear, as it saw artists. Depp did not lose his head, and just grinned from such a “surprise”. He tied the “gifts” of fans to the microphone and guitar and continued to play tracks.

Not underwear Russian girls liked Depp as they are. In an interview with Russian magazines, the actor admitted that the Russians liked him. “Slavic facial features is beautiful. In addition, the Russian girls in the eyes of the millennial culture, and it also causes gravity”, he said.

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