Johnny Depp leaves Hollywood

Джонни Депп покидает Голливуд
The actor has decided to leave the cinema.

Джонни Депп покидает Голливуд

Johnny Depp


Marilyn Manson


Marilyn Manson has shocked his fans with an unexpected
statement. He said that johnny Depp, who from time to time participated in
the statements of his group intends to be his permanent guitarist! Depp
decided to part with the movie, to be now a professional musician.

An opening for a guitarist in the band Manson, whose real name is
Brian Wagner, opened recently, after working with
Marilyn musician — Twiggi Ramirez — was accused of rape. “I made the decision to leave
with Twiggy, he will be replaced by another musician!” — said Manson. And here
we now know that this place claims Depp.

Johnny has quite a lot of experience playing as
a rock musician. Not only is he last starred in two music videos Marilyn,
but also played on stage in the part he created the group “the Hollywood vampires”
together with Alice Cooper and Joe Perry. Interestingly, the flowering of musical activity
Depp was at the period of his marriage to amber heard, who strongly disapproved
in this lesson my then still legal husband, that was another reason
for quarrels between spouses.

As for career prospects Depp in the movie, with them all is not the best way. In the course of a messy divorce with
Amber heard, she accused him of beatings. And this has dealt a serious blow to
reputation Depp. The situation has further deteriorated
in the Wake of the scandal associated with Weinstein. So during filming
continue spin-off Harry Potter “Fantastic beasts and where they live”, there were a lot of signatures
angered fans of the franchise. And they all demanded that Depp was fired for
his misbehavior. This requirement was not fulfilled, however, for
outside of the existing agreements, the new role Depp can’t offer
in a hurry. So maybe it
the decision to leave the film in the music business is timely.

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