Джонни Депп покидает Америку ради новой подружки
The actor moved to Britain to his beloved.

Джонни Депп покидает Америку ради новой подружки

Johnny Depp


Lucy Boynton


It seems that 53-year-old johnny Depp is already quite
reeling from a painful divorce with amber heard. According to the informants
site radaronline.com he spun
the affair with the 23-year-old actress Lucy Boynton.

Lucy and johnny met on the set of new
the film adaptation of the famous novel of Agatha Christie “Murder on the Orient Express”, directed
of which was Kenneth Branagh. As
evidenced by colleagues johnny on the set, Depp and Boynton didn’t even try to hide that
made each other strong impression. They spent a lot of time
as in the pauses between filming
and at the end of the day…

But now that the work on the project
finished, they found themselves on different sides of the ocean: he is in USA and she in Britain. And since johnny’s in America
nothing, he decided to move home to his beloved. As shown
example many other Hollywood actors in recent years moved to Albion, such as George Clooney
and Antonio Banderas is no
prevents them still to a successful career. As for Depp, he was even glad to leave USA because here all
reminds him of the terrible scandal that erupted when his now
ex-wife amber heard has accused the actor of the beatings. And let amber failed
to prove his accusations, the reputation of johnny still suffered greatly.