Johnny Depp joined the film crew offshoots “Harry Potter”

Джонни Депп присоединился к съемочной команде ответвления  «Поттерианы»
The actor coped with depression resulting from a scandalous divorce.

Джонни Депп присоединился к съемочной команде ответвления  «Поттерианы»

Johnny Depp

Admirers of johnny Depp
rejoice: there is information that their idol became a part of the production team new
franchise – branches of the movie series about Harry Potter. According to the Internet site it will appear as
at least two films from the series “Fantastic beasts and where they live”.

The best part for fans of the actor is that they see johnny in the role
one of the characters of the magical world very soon — a little over two weeks! The fact is,
so as it turned out, he played a cameo role in the first film new
franchise, the world premiere of which will take place on 17 November. However, until recently,
time the fact that he starred in the first film, was strictly classified. But on this part
Depp in the movie series “Fantastic beasts…” is not limited to: he will appear in another film franchise, which will be released
in 2018. Moreover, in this movie at Depp already not episodic, and much
a more significant role. What is, is not disclosed.

However, before you start working on the second film about the fantastic creatures, johnny
will be shooting a new adaptation of the Agatha Christie novel “murder on the
Orient Express”, which was directed by Kenneth Branagh. Bran will grant
in this movie and the main role of the famous detective, Hercule Poirot. Johnny
reincarnated in this movie Samuel Ratchett — the victim of a crime. His mystery and will reveal Poirot. In addition to Depp and Branes in the film
involved and other famous actors and Actresses, including Michelle Pfeiffer.
In addition, currently there are negotiations about participation in the project Charlize Theron. Shooting film adaptation of the novel by Agatha Christie will be the first work of Depp from the moment
began as a scandalous divorce johnny with amber heard, which, according to him
friends, brought the actor to depression. And the solution to Depp again to begin work shows, according to his friends, that johnny was able to overcome the spiritual crisis.